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Wilmard "Pete" Santiago, 65

Passed 4/15/20 Bronx, New York

"My oldest brother, Wilmard Santiago (aka Pete) was an amazing human being. He was the oldest of five children. He, along with his family came to New York from Puerto Rico. He was a very gifted child and grew up loving music. Pete learned to play the piano, he sang, was a songwriter and acted in several spanish speaking movies. He later mastered the art of photography and took the most amazing pictures of his family, friends and cultural events throughout the city. He also hosted several internet shows where he played some of the best salsa music and he interviewed artists, authors, local politicians and the like.

He worked for many years for several local leaders and was known in his community as one of the most loving and giving individuals who would do anything for anyone. Pete loved giving from his heart and that's how we want him to be remembered. He was a loving family man who loved his family first and foremost. He loved his island of Puerto Rico, the New York Yankees and he loved his piano and his music.

We never got a chance to see Pete before he passed. Like so many, he passed away alone in a hospital room. But we don't want him to be remembered that way. We want him to be remembered as the fun, kind, compassionate, loving, talented, courageous man he was until the day that he passed. We love and miss you my brother. See you on the other side. 💛🙏"

- Wiandy Santiago, sister

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