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Natividad Rosa Velasquez, 41

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Passed 4/3/20 Hazlet, New Jersey

"My sister loved family time, playing a board game, reading a good book and drinking margaritas in the sun. She was full of life!

Natividad wore her heart on her sleeve. She was tough on the outside but all sugar inside. The best big sister anyone could ever dream of!

Natividad was the emotional strength of our family. She and Dad were always good for shedding a tear. Who would have thought a commercial could make them both cry!?! We couldn’t tell Naty something sad because it would emotionally affect her too. Natividad’s compassion for everyone around her was something I admire and will continue in her honor.

My sister didn’t know she would leave this world without saying goodbye to her favorite people in the world, mom, dad and me (her baby sister). I thank God for giving me a beautiful sister to always cherish my whole life. Our sisterly memories will live within me forever."

- Priscilla Velasquez, sister

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