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Michael Maze, 61

Passed 2/21/21 St. Louis, Missouri

"He used to spend most of his time fishing. But as he got older and disabled he usually stayed home with me. We would take drives through the park Creve Coeur or just take a drive with each other. We played games together like farkle or triominos. We sat outside while we had our morning coffee and watched the birds and squirrels.

We saw neighbors as they walked their dogs. One neighbor and her cat would walk around the block. She would stop and let us pet her. We would go to his sister's house for karaoke. He loved singing and playing air drums. He would sing to me.

I would like others to know what an awesome and loving person he was. Also, how much I loved him and how much he loved me. His impact on others was with his kind spirit and wonderful smile, as well as the jokes he would tell. He was really good at telling jokes. You didn’t know if it was a joke until the punchline.

I want everyone to know that he is (and will always be) my one and only true love. He was the love of my life and he is truly missed. He loved God and is in heaven with Him now. He loved his daughters and grandkids and his family and friends."

- Pamela Maze, Wife

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