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Irma Marquez, 72

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Passed 1/10/21 Tulsa, Oklahoma

"On Sunday January 10, 2021, my mom, Irma Marquez became whole again. Mom had so many qualities to her, friendly, kind, giving and caring. She also had challenges that were never able to stop her, the biggest being deaf. Although deaf my mom had no speech problems. Although we knew Spanish Sign Language, she preferred to read lips. Her deafness never stops her from showing us love, she never missed a single school activity, with seven kids she had her agenda booked on top of that she ran a small butcher shop near our house in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Went to the market daily, making friends everywhere she went. Her priority in life was us, her children, she lived for us. What I am most proud of my mom is her desire to learn technology, the cellphone became her connection to the world, a world unknown to her, she connected with long lost relatives. Aside from text messages and group chats my mom loved selfies...she became a pro. Miss receiving the unexpected message with an attachment, and once I opened it was her beautiful glowing face with the message "It's a selfie." Love you mom, always will!

Look forward to the day when I see you again, I will wrap my arms around you and never let go. Will whisper in your ear how much I have missed you, and how much my love for you has grown. Look up to the sky and I know you are pain free, that brings me comfort, yet at the same time, it hurts that you are not here with me.

Eternally grateful to God for Irma Marquez, who always cared about every member of the family, about her children, grandchildren, and great-granddaughters. Not a day went by that we did not receive a message from you, always checking, always letting us know how strong your unconditional love for us was. You gave everything from you, until your last breath, leaving this world at peace.

Siempre te amare, mami bella!"

- Mauro Marquez, son

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