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Frances Gyorffy, 78

Passed 5/9/20 New Jersey

"Our Mother enjoyed spending time with her family, friends and adored her grandchildren. Our Mother was a fiesty woman, she suffered from dementia over the last few years. Although, during her hospitalization the doctors thought her behavior was erratic but to us this was her normal self. This was her personality. Our Mother would do anything for anyone. Her entire life she gave to others. Our Mother had a very caring family, close neighbors that watched our for each other. Although our Mother suffered from Dementia she knew each and everyone of us. She would often tell us fond stories of the past. Our Mother died of covid due to an employee coming to work sick. All the anger will never bring our Mother back. Our mother was robbed of life, not ready to die nor die all alone."

- Debbie Teresyn, daughter

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