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Butch Thompson, 61

Passed 10/20/20 Fargo, North Dakota

"Butch was the youngest of 9 children. He was 1 year & 2 weeks younger than I. We have always been very close. It's like our parents had two sets of kids. First 5 kids then a 6 yr break and then 4 more.

We grew up on a farm outside of Detroit Lakes MN. Even though this was in the 60's we were hillbillies. No running water. Had to go to the pump house and pump it every day. Only an outhouse. Winters were brutal. So yes, that means no indoor bathroom either. We heated our water on the stove to take a bath. That lifestyle had the 4 of us growing closer. Although, there were years that our older siblings lived with us. It was mostly us four. We all learned about hunting and fishing. How important it was to help us survive. Almost everything we ate was either grown by us, or we had the animal on the farm that produced what we ate.

At the age of 10 yrs old we moved to Fargo ND. Completely different lifestyle. At the age of 19 Butch moved to Fairbanks AL. Where he learned about Gold mining, trapping and to become a chef. Butch loved cooking. When he moved home at the age of 22. He then worked as a chef in many fancy restaurants in ND, MN and CO.

Butch loved children and had always hoped for at least two. That didn't happen unfortunately. He had a brief marriage. He was however, Godfather to 18 children.

He was a big man, 300 lbs, 6.5" . But it didn't matter. Kids flocked to him. He had made plans to retire June of 2021. But he died in Oct 2020.

I could go on and on. Simple fact is I MISS HIM! I can't wrap my head around the fact that he's gone. We delayed the funeral until June, a day after his 62nd bday, so we all could be together for it. We got together. Then everyone left. No real talking or remembering how things were. No closure for me. I've been working on his estate since this happened. I NEEDED closure and to grieve with my family. I'm left with the feeling of abandonment, sorrow, betrayed, anger at stupid people who still think Covid is a joke.

I feel as though I have no where to turn with my sorrow, my heartache. I've never went this long without taking to him. I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to move on from this. People don't understand why I'm so sad all the time.

I lost Butch in October. I lost my best friend in November. I lost a very close friend in January. Our family will never be the same. I MISS him & LOVE him."

- Evelyn Knutson, sister

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