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Alan Kratenstein, 63

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Passed 4/13/20 New Jersey

"Alan was a successful business owner of a dental office and was a dentist for about 30 years. He loved to watch and go to sports games, exercise, play tennis & golf, and spend time with his family. He raised two daughters and was a wonderful role model. He got to travel to many places and knew that time was precious. He always looked at both sides of a story and saw the good in others.

Alan made everyone feel welcome by engaging in conversation, asking thoughtful questions because he cared, telling dad jokes, wanting to get a laugh out of anyone he spoke to, donating to charities, and seeking opportunities to teach others-- such as his children-- lessons. People that have not seen or spoken to him in years still remember things about him and memories as he made such an impact.

Alan’s mother got to meet her beautiful granddaughters before she passed which he treasured, and his father only passed 10 months before his own son. Alan leaves behind a brother, as well as his wife and two daughters, Ivy and Saige, a dog named Lola, and all of his friends that love him so dearly."

- Ivy Kratenstein, daughter

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